Dickhaut Library (3)

Dickhaut Library Circulation Policies

Visitors’ registration and service fee

In order to support central Ohio residents pursuing theological degrees at other institutions or wishing to perform individual theological/religious research, the Dickhaut Library now extends borrowing privileges through the OPAL and OhioLINK catalogs to MTSO alumni, regional members of the Clergy (clergy residing in Delaware County and contiguous counties such as Franklin, Knox, Licking, Marion, Morrow, and Union), and Visitors (non-affiliated persons).

Any person wishing to register for Alumni, Clergy, or Visitor status borrowing privileges will be asked to present a form of photo identification to the Director of the Library. In addition, a $30 service fee will be requested for anyone registering for Visitor status borrowing privileges. The purpose of the fee is to cover the use of MTSO resources by non-affiliated users.

Library standards for books borrowed from MTSO by MTSO patrons

Students, Clergy, Alumni, Visitors: 21 days with 4 renewals unless a hold is placed.
Faculty/Staff: 90 days with 3 renewals unless a hold is placed.

Books borrowed from OPAL or OhioLINK by MTSO students, staff, Alumni, Clergy, and Visitors: 21 days with 6 renewals unless a hold has been placed by the loaning library.  MTSO faculty:  42 days with 6 renewals unless a hold has been placed.

Note: Alumni, Clergy, and Visitors are limited to only 10 items requested from OPAL/OhioLINK member libraries. No more than five (5) items can be requested from OhioLINK libraries outside of OPAL. Five to ten (5-10) items can be requested from OPAL libraries.

Library standards for media items borrowed
from MTSO by MTSO patrons

14 days with 3 renewals unless a hold has been placed.

Media items borrowed from OPAL or OhioLINK by MTSO students, faculty, staff, Alumni, Clergy, and Visitors: 7 days with three (3) renewals.

Please note that only MTSO students, faculty and staff are eligible to put holds on OPAL and OhioLINK items.

Reserve items

2 hours and can be renewed unless others are waiting.

Overdue items and bills

You will receive a series of overdue notices before fines begin to accrue. On the day that fines accrue they do so at the rate of $0.25 per day ($0.10 per hour for reserves) back to the original date due.

Once you are billed for an item that is considered lost, the default cost of replacement is $75 plus a $50 processing fee. Returning the item at this point may reduce but will not eliminate fines and fees on your account. The default cost of replacing an item borrowed through OPAL or OhioLINK is $125 plus any other fines or fees as determined by the owning library.

For reserve items

From the due date, a 24-hour grace period begins during which a series of overdue notices are sent. As of the end of the grace period and the sending of the third overdue notice, fines are levied at $0.20 per day retroactive to the original due date.

As of hour 26 following the original due date, fines accrue at a rate of $0.03 per hour for an indefinite period. Items are also considered lost at this point and, in addition to the fines, are subject to replacement cost to be determined by the library as well as a $25 processing fee. Returning the item at this point may reduce but will not eliminate all fines and fees.

These policies and the other rules governing items loaned within OPAL and OhioLINK apply to all borrowers and may vary by owning library.

Depending on the status of the user, borrowing privileges will be suspended for fines and replacement costs exceeding the following levels on a user’s record:

Students, Faculty, and Staff: $50
Alumni, Clergy, and Visitors: $10

Borrowing privileges will be restored upon payment of the fine balance.

Food and drink policy

Following the guidelines below helps to insure the health and safety of all library users and a long life for library collections, furnishings, and equipment. Library users are asked to be considerate of others and to avoid consuming food items that create messes, strong odors, and/or noise.

Acceptable food: “Snack size” containers of chips, cookies, candy, and other snack foods; small amounts of finger foods (e.g., small size fruits and vegetables, dried fruits and nuts, string cheese); candy bars, granola bars, power bars, etc.; and other snack foods that are not messy and lack a distracting odor.

Unacceptable food: Hot entrees, e.g., burgers, French fries, pizza, noodles, sub sandwiches, burritos, tacos, soup, large size bags or packages of chips, crackers, cookies, doughnuts, salad, etc., and other foods that are messy and emit a distracting odor.

Beverages in covered, spill-proof containers, or capped bottles and snacks are permitted except:

  • at library workstations.
  • in other areas as posted.

Please be considerate of other library users. We therefore ask that you act responsibly when consuming food and drink in the library. Please bring all food garbage to the lobby to discard on your way out of the library. Food garbage should not go into the trashcans that are in the library. Please collect up and bring out your trash.

Please clean up after yourself. Help us keep work surfaces clean. Please report accidental spills to the circulation desk as soon as possible so that they can be addressed quickly.

Library staff has final approval of any sort of food, beverage, or container allowed in the Dickhaut Library, and reserve the right to exclude any food, beverage, or container for any reason. Users disregarding the Food and Drink Policy will be asked to leave the .ibrary.

The classrooms on the lower or ground level of the Dickhaut Library are not subject to the above restrictions. However, anyone eating in those classrooms during a scheduled class is expected to dispose of food wastes in the large receptacles provided.