A New Course Numbering System

Revised numbers, effective Summer 2013, better reflect graduate-level work.

On April 8, 2013, students will begin registering for summer and fall courses. The course numbers for the summer terms and for fall semester will be new and improved.  The course schedules already reflect both the old and the new numbers.

In the spring of 2012, the faculty approved a shift in course numbering for all master’s level courses. When MTSO was founded, the Master of Divinity degree was a Bachelor of Divinity. The course numbers were between 100 and 500 which is a traditional practice for undergraduate-level courses.

In the 1970s, the Bachelor of Divinity degree was changed to a Master of Divinity. The course numbering system did not change to reflect traditional graduate level numbering of 500 and above. Some seminaries across the country still use the old system, but many have changed.

Why change now?

The faculty chose to make this shift for several reasons.

  • Most graduate-level programs have courses numbering 500 or above. We wanted our courses numbers to reflect the level of study more accurately.
  • Curriculum changes over the years have caused many shifts in our course numbering practices, with prerequisites especially.
  • Assigning new numbers allows faculty to sequence courses in ways that have meaning and make sense in the current curriculum.

New course numbering system guide

  • 500-599 Introductory courses with no prerequisite
  • 600-699 Primarily intermediate courses with at least one prerequisite
  • 700-799 Primarily advanced courses with at least one prerequisite
  • 800-899 Contextual education, individual studies, advanced seminars, theses
  • 900-999 Doctor of Ministry courses

Additionally, this change brought about the opportunity for departments to examine their names and make changes. There were four departmental designation changes:

  • LS – Leadership Studies (from CL/Church Leadership)
  • CC – Cross Cultural (from CR)
  • IC – Interprofessional Commission of Ohio (from IEP)
  • WO – Worship and Music (from WM)

What next?

A list of courses, with their new and old numbers, can be found here.  The registrar will be revising degree grids, advising and specialization sheets, and any document with course numbers. When you register for courses in April, you will be looking at new course numbers on the fall schedules, and the old course numbers will also be listed there. The 2013-14 Academic Catalog will be published in August 2013.

Please note that while the course numbers are changing, the course requirements for current students are not. Any changes to the curriculum will be handled separately as they arise throughout the normal course of the academic year.  Your transcript will not change, so it will have a mix of the old and new numbers.  If you have any questions or concerns, please check with your advisor or the registrar.