Menu Options

Campus Info – Course Schedule

The course schedule link will provide you with an online class schedule sort able by term.  Select the term from the drop-down box and any filters (such as keyword, course, day, and/or start time) and click the search button. A list of courses offered that term will be returned.


Campus Info – Faculty Directory

The faculty directory link will provide you with a searchable A – Z listing of all regular and adjunct instructors.  Any work or personal information stored in CampusVue will be display when you click on the instructor’s name.

My Students – Student Information

Any information that appears in this menu option will depend on the instructor first performing a student search.  Use the search form or click on the advanced search link at the right of your homepage:  Any students that you teach or advise that match the search criteria will be returned.

Once you click on the student’s name link in the search window, the screen will flash and then place the student in the recent students drop-down box.  Now any links under the My Students menu option will pertain only to the student in the recent student drop-down box.


My Students - Student Schedule

Faculty members can view a student’s schedule on a calendar or list view: