Menu Options (cont.)

My Classes – Class Schedule

Faculty members can view their own schedule in grid or list view by selecting the term in the View by Term drop down.

My Classes – Gradebook

The Gradebook provides instructors with access to basic LMS (Learning Management System) functionality for all classes taught in a specific term.

After clicking on the gradebook link, select the current term from the drop-down list. Your primary class list for that term will appear.

The course title is a link that takes you to the gradebook course details, which provides all available options (Please note – the course code on your Homepage is also a link to the gradebook for a class).


The first tab in the gradebook is for Attendance. A color-coded calendar informs you whether attendance has already been posted (green), attendance requires posting (orange), or if attendance is scheduled for a future class (grey). Clicking on one of the dates that requires posting will load the View & Post attendance form, which builds a course roster.

Click the edit button.

This will enable a drop-down box that will appear next to every student name. The box will default to ‘present.’ Change the drop-down to ‘absent’ for all students not attending that class:

Once you have posted all the attendance for the class click the Update button.  Attendance is now posted for the selected class day.

At the bottom of the View & Post attendance form is a print roster icon, which will load a page with a printable roster for your class (please note – this icon is also available on your homepage).