Gradebook (cont.)

Assignments & Exams

The Assignment & Exams tab allows for instructors to add book reports, lessons, or exams.  Click on the Add Assignment/Exam link. Select the type of lesson and enter all pertinent information and click the Save button:

Once a lesson has been added documents can be attached to the lesson through the upload button:

Lessons can be viewed by any student in the class via the Student Portal. Any documents attached to the lesson can also be downloaded on the Student Portal.  Repeat this process until you have added all the assignments and exams for your course.

Assign Grade Weights

Once you have entered all assignments, you can click on the Adjust Grade Weight button.  The weights can be whatever you want, but the total must equal 100.  Once a grade for the assignment has been posted, you will not be able to change the weight of the assignments.

Post Scores for Assignments and Exams

Click on the view detail link.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Post Scores button.

Enter the numeric score for each student and click Save Scores button.

Final grades

If you used the Assignments and Exams section and weighted them, then the final grades will have been automatically calculated and posted for you based on the numerical scale voted on at faculty council.

This tab of the gradebook will be used to post final grades for your course.  Clicking on the Final grades tab will load the posting form, which builds a course roster with a drop-down box next to each student’s name. The drop-down box holds your grade scale:

Record the grades that each student has earned.   If you did not use assignments and exams or did not weight them, then you can enter either the letter grade or the numerical grade (If entering the numerical grade, it will auto populate the final letter grade field) or the letter grade.  After recording grades for all students (please note – you will not be able to submit final grades unless a grade has been recorded for every student), scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on the Save Final Grades button:

Final grades are now posted for your class. Please note, that once grades have been posted, only the Registrar can make changes (faculty members are NOT permitted to change posted grades via the Portal).