My Workspace within Sakai

When you log in, Sakai will automatically open My Workspace, a private landing space that will display the Message of the Day and information from the system administrator. Navigation is provided for all sites to which the user belongs along the top navigation tabs. The darkest tab identifies your current active site.

Navigation tips

Navigating to a Course or Project Site

Following is a brief overview of features and how to navigate:

  • If you do not see a particular course or project on the Navigation Bar, click the “More” drop-down arrow on the right side of the Nav Bar, then click on the name of the course to view it.
  • To scroll in dropdown menus, press up or down arrows.
  • Go to the top of a page with the Page Up button.
  • Go to the bottom of a page to see buttons like Cancel, with Page Down button.
  • Course and project sites appear as tabs across the top of the screen in the Site Navigation Bar. Click a tab to go to the corresponding site. (Course sites are associated with courses; project sites are for projects and other collaborative activities.)
  • Note: If you are not yet a member of any course or project site, you will see only a My Workspace tab. You are automatically joined to course sites in which you are enrolled, or school-specific project sites open to all students.
  • The Menu Bar is a column along the left side of the screen with links for each available tool (e.g., Announcements, Discussion, Resources). The number of links will vary depending on which tools were chosen for a site by the site owner. Click the tool’s name to go to the corresponding tool.
  • Home on the Menu bar takes you to the homepage for the site you are in, indicated by the darker shaded tab at the top of the page. Homepages can contain a list of recent announcements, recent discussion items, and selected resources for that particular page.
  • Note: Using the browser’s Back button will not take you to the prior page, but instead will take you to the prior tool you were using.

The Reset Button

The small button that appears to the left of the name of the tool you’re currently using, usually represented by a double arrow, is called the Reset Button. Use the reset button to return to the starting point of any tool, as if you had entered the tool in a new session.


The Context-Sensitive Help buttons take you to the built-in online documentation.

Course Homepages and Tools