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Seminary Hill Farm, founded in 2013 on the campus of MTSO, is a place of theology, ecology and good food for all.

Vocational discernment is increasingly important for seminary students and alumni. Katherine Dickson, MTSO's director of vocational discernment and community engagement, talks about the services her office offers both students and alumni. Visit our vocational discernment page.

Learning to be a counselor sometimes means learning to be vulnerable. That's one lesson MA in Counseling Ministries student Kaylan Guzman shares in her remarks at the 2013 Student Stories Luncheon.

M.Div. student Ekaterina Oreshina reflects on the long and ultimately fulfilling path that led her from Samara, Russia, to MTSO in her remarks at the 2013 Student Stories Luncheon.

What's the return on the investment in a seminary student's education? M.Div. student Mark Reed answers that question in his remarks at the 2013 Student Stories Luncheon.

Rev. April Blaine (’09), co-pastor of Summit on 16th UMC, valued the opportunities here to discuss the “messy” work of social justice in the real world. More from April Blaine.

MTSO student Brian West is energized by the shared passion and collegiality between students and faculty. More from Brian West.

Professor Diane Lobody has found it’s not the difficulty of the work that gives new students pause. It’s something more profound. More from Diane Lobody.

Rev. Susan Kyser, a 1986 MTSO graduate, found a place that welcomes many theologies. More from Susan Kyser.

As a Christian ethics educator, Dr. Yvonne Zimmerman works to open the space for her students – and herself – to consider new perspectives.

Jon Peterson’s studies at MTSO influenced his work as a member of the Ohio Legislature. More from Jon Peterson.

Once a corporate executive, Rev. Sandra Selby (’04) now works in community ministry, serving “people who do really, really tough work.” More from Sandra Selby.

M.Div. graduate Joseph Hill delivered the 2012 MTSO Baccalaureate sermon, "What Makes You So Beautiful?"