Certificate in Basic Theological Education (Lay Certificate Program)

This certificate program is intended for students who are interested in enhancing a basic understanding of their faith.

Choose three introductory courses from the Classical Division:

HB-510 Introduction to Hebrew Bible
NT-510 Introduction to New Testament
CH-501 Survey Global Christian History
CT-549 Introduction to Theology
CE-501 Introduction to Christian Ethics

Choose one Practical Theology course at the introductory level. Some Practical Theology introductory courses are:

ED-525 Christian Education in the Urban Church
LS-525  Faith, Money and Stewardship
ME-570 Mission of the Church in the Contemporary World
ME-580 Mission of the Church in a Multicultural Society
ME-590 Mission of the Church in Global Context
ME-670 Ministry of Evangelism: Theology & Practice
ME-680 Biblical Paradigms for the Practice of Evangelism
PC-500 Introduction to Pastoral Care
PC-555 Intro to Chemical Dependency Ministries
PT-500 Leadership, Learning, & Community Formation
WO-500 Introduction to Worship & Music

Certificate in Basic Theological Education requirements