UCC Learning Network at MTSO

The UCC Learning Network at MTSO is a house of studies serving students, clergy and lay leaders who are members of the United Church of Christ.

The UCC Learning Network supports MTSO’s UCC students throughout their theological education and helps them become familiar with the denomination’s ordination processes. It also provides UCC clergy and lay leaders with opportunities for lifelong education through MTSO’s Theological Commons.

The UCC Learning Network augments MTSO’s academic offerings in UCC history and polity by creating inquiry groups of UCC students. They meet together under the guidance of UCC Central Southeast Ohio Association Minister Janine Wilson and MTSO Professor of Worship and Music Robin Knowles Wallace, a UCC authorized minister. Inquiry groups have additional opportunities to meet with UCC clergy and denominational leaders.

MTSO offers a 3-credit-hour course in United Church of Christ History and Polity, a seminar designed to familiarize students with the history and practices of the UCC and offered to assist students in meeting requirements of Association Committees on Church and Ministry for ordination in the denomination. This course will introduce students to the broad range of resources produced by agencies of the UCC. Students will gain familiarity with the priorities and programs of the UCC and its agencies.

For more information, email UCC Learning Network Coordinator Robin Knowles Wallace at rwallace@mtso.edu.