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Here are details about accreditation, your schedule and other topics related to the Connections M.Div. path.

Is Connections an accredited residential program, or is it an online program?

Connections leads to a fully accredited residential Master of Divinity degree. More than half of each course is conducted in person, which meets residential definitions of the Association of Theological Schools, the University Senate of the United Methodist Church, the Higher Learning Commission and the Ohio Board of Regents.

Does the Connections M.Div. fulfill United Methodist educational requirements for ordination?

Yes. It is compliant with the stated requirements of the University Senate of the United Methodist Church for a residential M.Div. leading to ordination.

Is Connections the only path to an MTSO M.Div.?

Connections is just one unique path to an M.Div. from MTSO. As an MTSO student, you're part of a vibrant learning community offering the M.Div. and five other graduate degrees, with classes meeting throughout the week. We have many students who earn degrees at their own personal pace.

Do I have to commit to the Connections program? Can't I just take the same classes as Connections students?

By choosing the Connections path, you will ensure that the classes you need to complete a 33-month, Tuesday-only campus experience are available to you. While non-Connections students may take these Tuesday classes, enrollment will be structured to ensure that those classes are always available to Connections students.

Will I ever need to be away from home on a non-Tuesday?

Yes, on two occasions:

  • At the start of your very first semester, you'll be on campus on a Friday and Saturday for a combination of Educated Spirit class and orientation.
  • Once during your three years, you will participate in a two-week-long Cross-Cultural Immersion trip. MTSO generally offers two such trips a year, in the winter and late spring or summer.

Will I have summers off?

Along with Fall and Spring semesters, the Connections program includes a three-week January Term course and a three-week Summer Term course each year. So you will be on campus 14 Tuesdays each semester, plus three consecutive Tuesdays each for the January and Summer terms.

May I spend Monday or Tuesday night on campus?

Some students may want or need to spend a night or two on campus around Tuesday classes. We offer nightly accommodations in the Dewire Residence Hall for $28.

What time of year do I begin Connections?

The Connections pathway is structured around a Fall Semester start. It is possible to start with the Spring Semester, but we cannot guarantee the classes you need will be available in the order you need them.

Will I be able to add a specialization or a second master's degree to my M.Div.?

Adding one of the specializations MTSO offers and seeking a dual degree are options that could extend your timespan, add days to your on-campus week or both.

What happens if I miss a required course in the first or second year? Could I make up for it with an independent-study class?

Failure to complete a designated course will likely delay your completion of a three-year M.Div. through the Connections path. Independent-study classes cannot be substituted for required classes.

If I start the three-year Connections path and realize I can't complete it as designed, what are my alternative options for completing my M.Div.?

Exiting the three-year Connections path won't affect your opportunity to earn an M.Div. What will change is your ability to earn it in three years with Tuesday-only on-campus classes. Depending on the remaining courses you need, you might still be able to finish in three years by taking classes on other days of the week, or you might need to take classes in additional terms to earn the necessary credits for graduation.

What if I'm closed out of a class I need to complete my degree?

If you follow the Connections path as presented, you have our commitment that you won't be closed out of a class that is necessary for your degree.

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