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Background check

MTSO strives to provide a safe, welcoming and positive environment for all students and residents. The questions below help us ensure that this goal continues to be met.

After you’ve been admitted to any of our master’s degree programs and before you can enroll in classes here at MTSO, you will be the subject of a background check. Results of this check will be reported to us. Matriculation and/or continued enrollment are contingent on the resolution of any resulting issues. You will need to provide us with your signed permission in order to conduct the background check. After you submit your online application, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail from us with the permission form attached to it.

*Have you ever been refused admission, or dismissed by another theological school or seminary?

*Have you ever been charged with or convicted of child abuse or a crime of violence?

*Have you ever been charged with or convicted of any felony?

If you answered yes to any of the above three questions, please submit your understanding of the circumstances:

The items in this section are optional. We request racial/ethnic information to aid in our statistical reporting to governmental and accrediting agencies. It will not be used to assess your qualifications for admission. MTSO does not unlawfully discriminate in the administration of its employment, educational and admissions policies.

First language (if other than English):
Racial/ethnic background:
How did you hear about MTSO?
If you were referred by an individual, please let us know who referred you:

Is there anything about your health or physical condition that you believe it would be helpful for us to know?

Would you like to receive information about housing at MTSO?

For international students only

MTSO welcomes and values international students. Providing the information below will help us to process your application promptly.

Of what country are you a citizen?

Are you a permanent resident of the United States?

If yes, please provide your registration number:

Date status was granted:

If you are not a permanent resident, are you currently in the United States on a visa?
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If other, please specify:

The United States government requires all international applicants to provide evidence of full financial support for the period of study required for the degree program. This evidence must include an Affidavit of Support (found at and a bank statement or statement of liquid assets from a financial institution showing that funds are available for the full length of study. In some cases, your home country’s judicatory or other church agency may be able to provide this support.

International students are required to complete the Test of English as a Foreign Language. MTSO’s TOEFL score requirement is 85 for the Internet test or 563 for the paper-based test. Scores must be mailed directly from the reporting agency to MTSO (Institution Code 1540) at this address:

Admissions Office
Methodist Theological School in Ohio
3081 Columbus Pike
Delaware, OH 43015


The documents we request in this section may be submitted in any of three ways. We prefer that they be submitted as e-mail attachments, but faxes and traditional mail also are accepted.

If possible, please send us your supporting documents within one week of submitting this application.


Fax: 740-362-3133

Mail: Office of Admissions
Methodist Theological School in Ohio
3081 Columbus Pike
Delaware, OH 43015

Written statement

We want to know more about you and your thoughts about graduate-level theological study.

Degree-seeking students: Please prepare and submit a statement of between 1,000 and 2,000 words. We ask that you describe your discernment process (500 words). In addition, outline your academic and vocational goals and explain how you are academically prepared for graduate theological school (up to 1,500 words).

Certificate, Occasional and Guest students: Please prepare and submit a statement of 200 to 300 words that explains why you’re seeking coursework at MTSO. Please also describe your vocational goals and how you’ve come to choose those goals.

Resume or curriculum vita

Degree-seeking students: Please provide your current resume or curriculum vita listing your work history, honors, etc.

Occasional/Certificate/Guest students: A resume is not required.

Official Transcripts

Degree-seeking students: Transcripts from every undergraduate and graduate school you have attended (U.S. mail directly from institution).

Occasional/Certificate students: One official transcript (U.S. mail directly from institution), showing that you have attained, at minimum, an undergraduate degree. Either an undergraduate or graduate transcript fulfills this requirement.

Guest students: a transcript from the graduate school where you are currently enrolled.


Three signed reference letters are required of all degree-seeking applicants. Occasional students do not need to submit references.

1. Academic reference: This should be an undergraduate or graduate instructor from whom you took at least one class. This reference letter should be provided on the letterhead of the instructor’s institution and should attest to your ability to succeed in a rigorous academic environment. Master of Theological Studies applicants must provide two academic references. Dual-degree Master of Divinity and Master of Theological Studies applicants should provide two academic references and one clergy reference.

Note: If you have been out of school for more than 10 years, please contact for an academic reference substitution requirement.

Name of academic reference:

2. Professional reference: This should be an academic, clergy or lay supervisor familiar with your work habits and vocational responsibilities. Dual-degree Master of Divinity and Master of Theological Studies applicants must provide a second academic reference in lieu of this professional reference.

Name of professional reference:

3. Clergy/personal reference: This should be a reference from someone who can attest to the personal qualities that will contribute to your success in the program to which you are applying. For all Master of Divinity applicants, this reference must come from a member of the clergy.

Name of clergy/personal reference:


I have completed this admission application to the best of my knowledge. I hereby apply to be admitted as a student of Methodist Theological School in Ohio. By entering my full name and date and clicking the “Submit” button below, I affirm that I have completed this application completely and honestly. I understand that misrepresentation or omission of information may result in denial or rescinding of admissions to Methodist Theological School in Ohio.

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An admissions counselor will personally be in touch with you within one week. If you have questions or concerns about this application, please contact us at or 800-333-6876.