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Seminary Hill Farm
Our campus has a farm. Naturally.

MTSO is deeply invested in ecotheology and the care of creation. Nowhere is our commitment more evident than in Seminary Hill Farm, providing delicious, USDA-certified organic food to those on campus and beyond.

Seminary Hill Farm
Inside MTSO
MTSO board acts to support the Coalition of Immokalee Workers
MTSO board acts to support the Coalition of Immokalee Workers' Campaign for Fair Food
In joining other religious organizations, MTSO seeks to ensure livable wages and humane working conditions for farm workers.
Mount Alumni Awards presented
Bradford Price, Nancy Day-Achauer and Andrea Boxill received the Mount Alumni Awards for Distinguished Service during Alumni Day Oct. 15.
Remembering Patrick Kaufman
Remembering Patrick Kaufman
Family, friends and colleagues gathered on campus to celebrate the life of MTSO alumnus Patrick Kaufman, who led the school's Community Food and Wellness Initiative and co-founded Franklinton Farms. View video of the service and follow links to other tributes to a life well lived.
Nov 9
MTSO hosts a one-day conference to connect practitioners, researchers, activists and others engaged in the development of regional food hubs to network and share best practices. The conference is presented in honor of the life and work of Patrick Kaufman.
Dec 7
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