About MTSO

Employment Opportunities

Director of Student Services

Supervisor: Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Department: Academic Affairs

Status: Full-time/exempt


Master of Divinity or related master’s degree with some professional experience in either academic or ecclesiastical settings.  Familiarity with Microsoft Office suite.  Experience with Populi or some other student information system.  Knowledge of SEVIS systems highly desirable, but not required. Candidate must have exceptional interpersonal skills, take initiative with campus programming, have potential to learn federal regulations for ADA compliance, work well with international students and requisite documentation, practice confidentiality, and participate in the Academic Affairs office as an Academic Affairs staff member.


Programming for student life necessitates attending to the variety of backgrounds, contexts, religious beliefs, traditions, identities, sexualities, genders and ages. This role functions as pastoral care resource for all students as needed.

Primary responsibilities and duties

1.  Coordinate the Student Life Program with particular attention to diversity, justice, and the mission of MTSO.

2.  Facilitate development of leadership in student groups including the Student Leadership Council and other programs.

3.  Administer appointments to faculty committees and student campus elections to the Board of Trustees.

4.  Support individual students in terms of spiritual and emotional growth in extra-curricular student programming.

5.  Work with the Dean as student disciplinary actions arise.

6.  Coordinate MTSO’s disability services programs and provide support for enrolled students with documented disabilities.

7.  Coordinate student housing in communication with the maintenance staff.  Supervise student-building managers through regular meetings regarding needs, events, maintenance, safety and security.

8.  In conjunction with the Academic Affairs office, coordinate new student orientation twice per year (fall and spring semesters).

9.  Serve as international student director, communicating with students during the exploratory process and enrollment about regularly frameworks and appropriate documentation for particular student status, partnerships with other institutions, financial aid eligibility.

10. Facilitate conversation groups with international students.

11. Regularly assess student services.

12.  Update, revise, and publish the MTSO student handbook annually, and other documents related to student life (ADA and Disability Services manual and International Student Resource guide).

13.  Produce and post the campus safety report (Clery) annually.

14.  Coordinate student health insurance in conjunction with the Human Resources Director.

15. Attend committee meetings related to student life and campus life.

To apply

Methodist Theological School in Ohio is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Resumes and cover letters should be electronically directed to Grace Welch at gwelch@mtso.edu.  Conduct all correspondence electronically. No phone calls please.  Application deadline is June 24, 2015.