MTSO Events

Many campus events are presented by the Theological Commons at MTSO.

As a theological school, we believe we are called to share our intellectual resources with the church and the world in numerous ways, through the education of our students and in dialogue with our broader community. We do this in part through the Theological Commons, a learning network built on partnerships of scholarship, inquiry and practice.

By offering events, learning resources and continuing conversation, the Theological Commons promotes the sharing of knowledge and experience between students, faculty, clergy and the public for the benefit of all participants and those they serve.

Our archive features video and other resources from past events.


Upcoming events

Chloe's Circle
Sept. 29 and 30

Chloe's ​Circle, ​curated ​by ​WomanPreach! Inc., ​will ​partner ​with ​the Theological Commons at MTSO ​to ​gather ​​women ​from ​diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds ​to ​think ​about ​and ​to ​work ​on ​the ​practice ​of ​prophetic ​public ​speaking ​and ​preaching.

Alumni Day
Oct. 9

Former students, faculty and staff will gather to renew friendships, honor a distinguished emeritus faculty member and recognize recipients of the Mount Alumni Awards for Distinguished Service.

Elaine Nogueira-Godsey Faculty Lecture
Oct. 24

Assistant Professor of Theology, Ecology and Race Nogueira-Godsey speaks on the topic "Connecting Theology, Ecology and Race: A Conversation on Environmental Justice."

Williams Institute Lectures
Nov. 7 and 8

John J. Thatamanil, associate professor of theology and world religions at Union Theological Seminary, delivers two lectures.

Schooler Institute on Preaching
Feb. 5 and 6

Wil Gafney, associate professor of Hebrew Bible at Brite Divinity School, will lead Schooler 2018.

Archive and resources

Review printed material and watch video from past Theological Commons events.