MTSO Events

Many campus events are presented by the Theological Commons at MTSO.

As a theological school, we believe we are called to share our intellectual resources with the church and the world in numerous ways, through the education of our students and in dialogue with our broader community. We do this in part through the Theological Commons, a learning network built on partnerships of scholarship, inquiry and practice.

By offering events, learning resources and continuing conversation, the Theological Commons promotes the sharing of knowledge and experience between students, faculty, clergy and the public for the benefit of all participants and those they serve.

Our archive features video and other resources from past events.


Upcoming events

John Kampen Faculty Lecture
March 29

Kampen, professor in MTSO’s Dunn Chair in Biblical Interpretation, presents a lecture titled “Matthew and the Pharisees: History or Fake News?” 

Using social media responsibly
March 30

MTSO Educational Technology Coordinator Shannon Harper leads a seminar titled "Mindful Social Media Usage and Methods for Ministry and Nonprofits.” Participate in person or online.

Lecture on World Religions and Interreligious Relations
March 30

Ralston Deffenbaugh, a human rights lawyer working for the Lutheran World Federation, will speak at Trinity Lutheran Seminary on what it means to be Lutheran in today’s multi-religious world. The lecture is presented by the Theological Consortium of Greater Columbus, a collaborative effort of MTSO, Pontifical College Josephinum, and Trinity Lutheran Seminary.

Agricultural Sustainability, Food Security and Spirituality – A Necessary Alignment
April 5

Brian Snyder, executive director of the Initiative for Food and AgriCultural Transformation (InFACT) at Ohio State University, will address the issue of food insecurity in many Ohio households. He’ll discuss ways we can preserve the land and feed people at the same time, and what any of this has to do with spiritual endeavors.

Sex at Church: The Problem of Shame, and the Promise of Grace
April 20

Pastor, author and psychologist Karen A. McClintock leads a half-day workshop providing a look into theologically based sexual shame and active shame dynamics in congregations. Then, using the lens of grace, McClintock will offer ways for congregations and clergy to open up safe and healing conversations, heal sexual wounds, and affirm sexual diversity.


Archive and resources

Review printed material and watch video from past Theological Commons events.