Continuing Education

Are you looking to enhance your skills in ministry? Interested in fulfilling denominational continuing education requirements? Consider these courses:

MTSO offers a number of intensive courses over short time frames. These classes are available for credit or audit.

To apply to take a course for credit, visit our page for occasional and guest students. Contact the Office of Admissions at or 800-333-6876 with questions.

To audit a course without receiving credit, you may complete our auditing application. Contact the Office of Academic Affairs at or 740-362-3482 for questions about auditing.

January Term courses

PT530 Being with the Poor
Taught by John Edgar and Katelin Hansen
Meets Jan. 6-11 (times vary through the week) at the Church for All People in Columbus

This class will provide students experiential opportunities to identify and enhance their affinity for engaging in ministry with the poor. Students will study differences between middle- and low-income persons. Students will be encouraged to develop personal and programmatic approaches to bridge these differences and create positive connections with persons who are poor. Emphasis will be placed on accompaniment and empowerment as persons in poverty identify their own aspirations for transformation. [3 credit hours.] 

CH644 Race, Religion and Nation: From Black Power to Black Lives Matter
Taught by Tejai Beulah
Meets Jan. 14-18 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

This course examines theoretical approaches to the categories of race, religion and nation, and considers how scholars have demonstrated that they are not fixed but contingent upon multiple contexts and therefore constantly shifting. Further, this course analyzes the relationship between these categories through a historical exploration of the Black Lives Matter movement with attention to critical antecedents including Black Power activism, hip hop music(s) and culture, and the presidency of Barack Obama. [3 credit hours.] 

PT540 Doing Our Own Work: An Anti-Racism Intensive for White People
Taught by Melanie Morrison
Meets Jan. 22-26 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Students will explore how white people can and must move through denial, guilt, shame and fear so they can take action with greater anti-racist awareness and courage, humility and compassion to participate in movements led by people of color. Utilizing theological and biblical resources, students will learn to help build “beloved communities” and sustain this anti-racist journey. [3 credit hours.]