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Energetic scholar Dr. Ryan Schellenberg arrives to teach New Testament

When you ask Ryan Schellenberg why he left a job he enjoyed at Fresno Pacific University and moved across the country to join the faculty of MTSO, he doesn’t have an answer. He has three.

“First,” he said, “I’ll be working with seminary students rather than undergraduates – people with a little bit more academic background and, more important, people who are already focused on ministry and are thinking theologically about how reading the Bible might inform church ministry. That’s quite different from having a bunch of college freshmen in one’s classroom who are being forced to take Introduction to the Bible.”

“The second thing is that an institution like this will give me more scope to pursue the research I love and that shapes my teaching. And then finally, like Fresno, the MTSO community shares my commitment to social justice and seeing what God’s kingdom looks like worked out in practical, concrete terms.” Read the complete story.


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