You've found it: A clear path to a life of lasting significance.

MTSO provides an invigorating and collegial academic experience, with accessible pathways to ministry through both in-person and online study. We achieve this essential combination throughout the five areas that matter most to discerning students.

Financial accessibility

Financial accessibilityFriends of MTSO invest generously in our students, enabling us to offer a wealth of options, up to full tuition. We offer more than 140 scholarships, available to both full- and part-time students.

Flexible attendance options

MTSO classes meet in a "hyflex" format, giving students the option to attend classes in person, online or a combination of both. View current and upcoming schedules here.

Educational philosophy

The graduates of our five degree programs enter vocations of ministry and service with the capacity to think for themselves and guide those they serve. The difference between mere training and true preparation is important. We provide preparation.

Exceptional faculty

MTSO's faculty members are respected scholars and authors, and that matters. What matters even more is their passion for the craft of classroom teaching and devotion to challenging, encouraging and inspiring their students.

Learning community

Our students form lasting bonds in class and beyond, with Theological Commons events and weekly chapel services providing opportunities to gather in person and virtually.