COVID-19 Information

MTSO’s Ongoing Response to the Novel Coronavirus

Plans for Fall Semester

Looking ahead to fall, it appears we will be able to move toward the robust campus experience we cherish at MTSO, including in-person classes and events. We will also continue to offer access to all classes and events to remote participants. We learned a lot in the early months of last semester, and we will be employing a revised and improved version of our MTSO Campus Extend (hyflex) approach. Watch for continued updates from the registrar and dean’s office.

Healthy Together protocols revised May 26, 2021

To ensure that each of us clearly understands our individual responsibility as a member of the MTSO community, the Administrative Council approved revised Healthy Together COVID-19 protocols in May 2021.

Students’ protocol is here. Employees’ protocol is here. Campus residents’ protocol is here.


The MTSO mailroom will have limited hours, from 1 to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Also, mail will not be distributed to offices or other parts of campus. If you have ordered things to be delivered to campus, you will need to pick them up when the mailroom is open.

Several campus buildings are closed

Gault Hall, Werner Hall and the Dickhaut Library are closed and locked, with the exception of Werner Hall’s Coffee Shop door, which allows access to the mailroom. Dewire Residence Hall also is closed.

Staff members are working remotely

All staff members are asked to work from home to the extent that is possible. Those who need to be on campus should coordinate with others to avoid contact. When essential tasks bring us to campus, our Healthy Together protocols continue to apply.


Access to the Dickhaut Library and the MTSO physical collection is suspended for faculty and students. Walkthrough browsing, study spaces and library computer use will not be available until further notice.

Requests for MTSO and OhioLINK materials can be made by using the online request form on the library’s website. Items will be left for contactless pickup in Werner Hall in the room directly across from the mailroom.

Library staff is expanding virtual services, including updating the library website content. Online research consultations can be arranged by using the online form on the library’s website or emailing Library Director Elonda Clay at or the Assistant Library Director David Powell at

Library staff members can provide full text of electronic articles or ebook chapters and can scan print articles and book chapters to be sent to students as PDF documents.

Travel restrictions

All school-sponsored travel is suspended.

Ongoing communication

As conditions evolve, we will continue to evaluate our situation and pursue the best options for fulfilling our educational mission in new and different ways. It is vital that members of the MTSO community monitor their email accounts for updates. We also will post updated information on this web page.