COVID-19 Information

MTSO’s Ongoing Response to the Novel Coronavirus

From the time a national COVID-19 emergency was declared, MTSO responded by focusing in unprecedented ways on individual health decisions and their impact on the campus community. This included requiring proof of COVID vaccination for all who wished to be part of campus life, including students, employees and campus residents.

Thanks to factors including vaccinations, COVID has receded as a health emergency – though, obviously, not as a potentially lethal virus. Concurrent with the federal government’s lifting of its COVID emergency declarations in May 2023, MTSO indefinitely suspended the requirement that those who participate in campus life provide proof of vaccination.

What remains is the school’s strong recommendation that everyone stay up to date with COVID vaccinations and boosters, as well as annual flu vaccinations. By embracing these preventative measures, each of us affirms our responsibility as citizens of this community to avoid spreading infectious illnesses.

MTSO will continue to adapt to changing realities. Future public health threats could reinstatement of COVID protocols, including vaccination requirements.