Our Mission

Methodist Theological School in Ohio provides theological education and leadership in pursuit of a just, sustainable and generative world.

Our Vision

MTSO aspires to be a vibrant, diverse, inclusive community that faithfully engages the intersections of church, society and academy to prepare leaders for ministry and service in pursuit of a transformed world. Celebrating and appropriating the scriptures, traditions and myriad experiences of Christian faith in an open and challenging formational community, we cultivate learning for ministry and service.

Our Distinctiveness

MTSO is deeply committed to transformative, sustaining justice as an expansive theological vision consistent with the creative, renewing, resurrecting activity of God in the world. To this end, we create a new imagination for the church of the future through creative work in institutional programs, relationships and resources to promote equity, justice and integrity. We intentionally connect with social justice movements that attend to sustainable social change, transforming both church and world.

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