An M.Div. path that saves time and money

MTSO and Ohio Northern offer 3+3 program

Start at ONU. Finish at MTSO. Complete a Master of Divinity degree in just six years.

Ohio Northern University and Methodist Theological School in Ohio have teamed up to offer incoming college students a unique 3+3 program leading to a master’s degree in divinity. After completion of this program, you will be ready to minister to the church and its people.

A unique opportunity

Our 3+3 program is the only one of its kind in Ohio, and one of only a few in the country. The typical path to a Master of Divinity degree requires seven years of study. Through the 3+3 program, you can save time and money by completing the degree in six years.

You will start the program at ONU in Ada, where you may choose one of three majors: religion, youth ministry, or religion and ecology. The religion and ecology major is only available through the 3+3 program and incorporates interdisciplinary courses in environmental studies from the perspectives of science, law and spirituality.

Through ONU’s comprehensive curriculum, you will gain a strong basis in the academic study of religion and be fully prepared for theological school after three years of study. This provides you with a strong base of knowledge and helps you hone the skills in leadership, critical thinking and teamwork that areessential for a life spent in ministry.

The next step on your path is three years of study at MTSO. After your first year at MTSO, you will complete your Bachelor of Arts from ONU. After completion of your seminary coursework, you will earn an M.Div. degree. MTSO offers exceptional scholarship opportunities, and ONU students in the 3+3 program can qualify for these scholarships in all three years of study at MTSO.

Both ONU and MTSO offer small class sizes and individualized attention from professors who care about your academic, emotional and spiritual well-being. Through the 3+3 program, you can expect to be challenged and enlightened.

Four steps to 3+3

  1. Apply and be accepted to ONU.
  2. Choose one of three majors at ONU: religion, youth ministry, or religion and ecology.
  3. Apply to the 3+3 program as early as your senior year of high school, but no later than the end of your first year at ONU. Admission requirements include a minimum score of 25 ACT or 1150 SAT. You must also include a written statement of 1,000-2,000 words explaining your vocational goals and rationale for seeking a master’s degree in divinity.
  4. Successfully complete the first three years of study at ONU and meet MTSO’s requirements, which include a cumulative GPA of 3.0 at ONU, letters of recommendation, submission of official transcripts and current résumé, and a background check.

Let’s talk

We look forward discussing 3+3 with you and invite you to call or email.