What can you gain here? And what can you offer?

A message from Rev. Jay Rundell, president

Jay RundellWhen Methodist Theological School in Ohio began preparing its first group of students for ministry in 1960, the nation was on the cusp of a turbulent decade. Not everyone was up to the challenge that era presented. The people here were. On and off campus, this school's students and faculty fought for social justice, often incurring the scorn of a public that didn't yet share their vision for change.

Today we have the honor of learning and teaching together in the place they shaped, and we share the responsibility to build on the work they did. Just as the '60s presented stiff challenges and unique opportunities for transformational Christian leaders, the years to come promise us a chance to do meaningful work, particularly in the areas of justice and sustainability. Not easy work. Maybe not always popular work. But meaningful work.

There are people who would find that notion discouraging. I trust you're here because you find it invigorating. The faculty and staff of Methodist Theological School in Ohio are privileged to guide the students who are preparing to take on this challenge.

As you spend time on this website, I believe you'll find ample evidence of MTSO's commitment to educational excellence, spiritual vitality, and the engagement of church and society—all of it informed by a vibrant Christian faith. I invite you to consider what you can offer this place and what you can gain from your relationship with it.

Together, we can build on the work of those who came before us, and we can respond to God's call to serve an evolving church and a changing world that are waiting for inspired, insightful leadership.

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