In Memoriam

We have been made aware of the deaths of the following alumni and friends of the school between June 20, 2017, and Nov. 30, 2018. We mourn their passing and give thanks for the many ways they contributed to MTSO.

Dallas E. Bailey

Carol I. Brody ’84

James F. Brucklacher

Robert E. Burkey ’73

E. Lynn Champion ’63

George R. Copus ’66

Charles L. Cordle Sr. ’65

Sidney E. Davis Sr. ’86

Michael W. Donnally ’78

M. Gilbert Dunn

Mary Jane Frazer

Katherine A. Greenleaf ’96

Lyle P. Hinkle ’69

Richard P. Jameson

Patrick D. Kaufman ’15

Gretchen Lamphere

Doris Mauck

Thomas V. McGranor ’68

Edward C. Meyer

Ilse J. Meyer

Haskel W. Moore ’63

Millicent M. Moore ’76

Percy L. Moore ’80

Robert E. Nida

Douglas K. Olsen ’72

Myron E. Oyler ’65

Richard H. Parks ’81

Donald A. Rock ’94

Charles K. Rodgers

James H. Scott ’64

Doris J. Shover ’82

Budd L. Sprague ’63

Charles E. Stenner ’81

Blair L. Stewart ’66

James W. Stiles ’69

Valerie W. Stultz ’86

Jean R. Tyler

William D. Van Nostran

Margaret VanSickle

James G. Walker ’65

Thomas A. Wilber ’72

Jeffrey A. Williams ’98

Elsie B. Worst