Student COVID-19 Protocol

Members of the MTSO community have observed COVID-19 protocols since the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, reflecting a balance between safety and a strong desire to be together in community.

These protocols have been updated periodically as scientific understanding of the virus and best practices for fighting it have evolved; guidelines from the Ohio Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are important sources of information in our decision-making.

As we have throughout the pandemic, we will pivot as needed in response to new realities.

Vaccination and booster requirements

All students must be fully vaccinated and boosted in order to attend in-person classes, reside on campus or be present on campus for any reason at any time. All academic courses will be offered online into the foreseeable future, giving unvaccinated students who wish to remain enrolled and attend class remotely the option to do so. Denominational requirements around in-person class attendance may apply to some students.

Unvaccinated students are prohibited from participating off campus in in-person meetings or public events at which they are recognized as or understood to be participating as MTSO students.

We require all who study, work and live on the MTSO campus to meet the CDC’s definition of “up to date” vaccination status. This currently means one booster shot in addition to the initial full vaccination. Our requirement also applies to any future boosters that might become widely available.

How to submit proof of vaccination status

Either of the following is acceptable proof of vaccination status:

  • A CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card.
  • A vaccination record from a physician’s office or online health portal.

Instructions for submission: Cut a small piece of dark paper to cover only your date of birth on your CDC card or vaccination record. Attach a digital photo of the card to an email addressed to

Applying for an exception to the vaccination requirement

We don’t anticipate a need for exceptions to MTSO’s vaccination requirement. Students seeking exceptions of any kind must email President Jay Rundell at or Dean Valerie Bridgeman at to schedule a meeting with President Rundell and Dean Bridgeman to discuss the request.


Masking is optional in MTSO's public indoor spaces such as the dining hall, the Centrum, the library and Meyer Lounge. Masking protocols for in-person class sessions will be made and communicated on a course-by-course basis. Personal decisions to continue masking will be respected throughout our community. Also, we will continue to offer free KN95 masks, which have been shown to help protect those who wear them from the virus.

Denial of housing privileges for noncompliance

Any unvaccinated student who has not been granted an exception is required to move to or remain in an off-campus residence.