December 3, 2015


MTSO identified as an exceptional seminary for ecology

The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development has identified Methodist Theological School in Ohio as one of 25 exceptional North American seminaries for faith and ecology. ICSD, based in Jerusalem, surveyed 231 seminaries for its recently published Report on Faith and Ecology Courses in North American Seminaries, choosing to highlight 25 “that excel in offering courses on faith and ecology.”

MTSO courses addressing issues of ecotheology and sustainability include Ecological Religious Education; Food, Land and Faith Formation; Dialogues in Faith and Science; Resisting Biocide: Environmental Ethics for Discipleship. In addition, MTSO offers Ecology and Justice specializations within its Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Practical Theology programs.

ICSD’s executive director, Rabbi Yonatan Neril, informed MTSO Dean Lisa Withrow of the school’s inclusion in the report, adding, “We hope to join with you in the process of reorienting our global community towards the collective protection of God’s great dominion, starting with the future leaders in your classrooms.”

Methodist Theological School in Ohio prepares leaders of many faith traditions for lives of lasting significance in service to the church and the world. In addition to the Master of Divinity degree, the school offers master’s degrees in counseling ministries, theological studies and practical theology, along with a Doctor of Ministry degree. 


Danny Russell, director of communications, 740-362-3322