Source List for Journalists

This listing provides some of the areas in which MTSO faculty members are available to offer authoritative context for news stories. For assistance contacting a faculty member or for help locating an expert in a topic you don’t see listed, contact Communications Director Danny Russell at 740-362-3322 or

Valerie Bridgeman

Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Associate Professor of Homiletics and Hebrew Bible

Biblical interpretation – comparisons of different Christian sects

Evangelicalism – a former evangelical’s perspective

Politics and faith

Social justice – the intersection of Black Lives Matter and other movements with faith

Jeffrey Jaynes

Professor in the Warner Chair of Church History

Evil – the nature of personal and institutional evil

Genocide and religion – including comparisons of contemporary instances to the Holocaust

Global Christianity – how global expressions of Christianity intersect with Western Christianity

Maps and territories – particularly Medieval maps

John Kampen

Professor in the Dunn Chair in Biblical Interpretation

Antisemitism and the Bible

Dead Sea Scrolls

Israel/Palestine – Christian views

Jewish-Christian Relations

Paul Kim

Professor of Hebrew Bible in the Williams Chair of Biblical Studies

Asian and Asian-American biblical interpretation

Far East Asian culture and politics – current issues in North and South Korea

Immigration, exile and diaspora –contemporary issues through the lens of ancient biblical exile

Prophetic literature – origins, roles and implications of prophets in the Bible

Linda Mercadante

Professor of Theology in the Straker Chair of Historical Theology

Belief – the history and changing face of believing

Domestic violence and religion

Faith and film – spiritual issues and echoes

Spiritual but not religious – the movement, people, beliefs, demographics, politics and culture of so-called “nones”

Elaine Nogueira-Godsey

Assistant Professor of Theology, Ecology and Race

Environmental justice – intersections of race, gender, class and environmental destruction

Ecofeminist theology – feminist and ecofeminist theories, gender studies and sexuality

Justice and race – postcolonial theory and theology, and decolonial pedagogical praxis

Religion education in South Africa and Brazil

Paul Numrich

Professor in the Snowden Chair for the Study of Religion and Interreligious Relations

American religious diversity – including immigrant religious groups and new religious movements

Health care and religion – dietary rules and beliefs about death and dying

Interreligious relations – from dialogue to violence

Space-sharing by religious organizations – for instance, immigrant congregations worshiping in established church buildings

Ryan Schellenberg

Assistant Professor of New Testament

Early Christian economics – how Jesus, Paul, and other early Christians talked about money

Mass incarceration – how ancient Christians responded to imprisonment, and how contemporary Christians might follow their lead

Christian Gospels – where the New Testament Gospels came from and the nature of their stories about Jesus

Christian/Jewish relations – the early history of their interrelationship and eventual separation

Lisa Withrow

Dewire Professor of Christian Leadership

Conflict management and transformation in groups and organizations

Leadership development 

Polarization and power

Religious organizational development

Yvonne Zimmerman

Associate Academic Dean
Associate Professor of Christian Ethics

Human trafficking – issues with and progressive alternatives to the mainstream anti-trafficking movement

Religion and society – the roles religion plays in movements for social change

Gender and sexuality – policies and practices related to gender, sexuality and sexual ethics 

LGBTQ+ life – issues related to queer and gender non-conforming people's lives and wellbeing