August 1, 2017


Elaine Nogueira-Godsey recognized among ‘Latin American female theologians you should know about’


In a July 31 article, the GlobalChurch Project named MTSO Assistant Professor of Ecology, Theology and Race Elaine Nogueira-Godsey as one of “18 Latin American female theologians you should know about.”

The GlobalChurch Project’s mission “is to help local Christians and churches learn from diverse, multiethnic, and global voices and trends, so that they experience renewed mission and revitalized churches.”

The story’s author, Juliany González Nieves, writes that some in the Minority World, as she calls Western cultures, “recognizing that other theologies look, sound and speak differently, have silenced, ignored or labeled those voices para-theological or even dangerous.”

“A theology that dismisses the voices of Christians in the Majority World and the margins of society is a theology that ends up denying the catholicity of the church,” she says.

The article notes that Nogueira-Godsey, a native of Brazil, holds a bachelor’s degree from Faculdade Teológica D’Oeste do Brasil and master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Cape Town. She plans a book based on her doctoral dissertation, “The Ecofeminist Theology of Ivone Gebara.” Gebara, a Catholic feminist theologian and nun, also is among the 18 theologians featured in the piece.

Nogueira-Godsey spoke extensively about her work and background for a profile published in 2016, after her appointment to MTSO was announced.

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