March 25, 2024


Numrich contributes ‘Religiously Competent Health Care’ essay to ‘Bio Quarterly’

Paul Numrich, MTSO professor in the Snowden Chair for the Study of Religion, has contributed the lead article in Bio Quarterly, a publication of the Bioethics Network of Ohio.

In the article, “Attending to Religion in Religiously Competent Health Care,” Numrich considers how health-care providers can best relate to patients whose religious – or nonreligious – beliefs differ from their own.

He writes, in part, “Religious providers who find it difficult to care for patients who do not share their worldview can take a cue from a Christian writer [T.C. Muck]: ‘Respecting other people’s beliefs doesn’t mean indiscriminately agreeing with everything you run across. However, it does entail realizing that these sometimes strange beliefs are extremely important to people.’”

Numrich’s full article is shared here in PDF form with permission of the Bioethics Network of Ohio.

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