Emerit Faculty

The following individuals have been elected to emerit status by the faculty and the Board of Trustees after distinguished teaching careers at MTSO.

Norman E. “Ned” Dewire
Emeritus President

Roberto Escamilla
Emeritus Associate Professor of World Evangelism

John H. Giltner
Emeritus Professor of Church History

C. M. Kempton Hewitt
Emeritus Professor of New Testament

M. Edward Hunter
Emeritus Professor of Theological Bibliography

Ethel R. Johnson
Emerita Professor of Church Administration

Robin Knowles Wallace
Emerita Professor of Worship and Music

Michael R. LaChat
Emeritus Professor of Christian Ethics

Vergel L. Lattimore III
Emeritus Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling

William A. McCartney
Emeritus Professor of Field Education

Randy Litchfield
Emeritus Professor in the Browning Chair of Christian Education

Linda Mercadante
Emerita Professor of Theology

Paul Schrodt
Emeritus Research Professor of Historical Theology and Emeritus Director of the Library

Ervin Smith
Emeritus Professor of Christian Ethics

Robert C. Tannehill
Emeritus Professor of New Testament and Emeritus Academic Dean

Frederick C. Tiffany
Emeritus Professor of Hebrew Bible

Diane C. Turner-Sharazz
Emerita Director of the Course of Study School in Ohio