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Pass/Fail request

Recommendation for ordination, licensure, or professional status (e.g. judicatories)

Formal recommendations for ordination, licensure, or professional status (e.g. probationary membership in an annual conference or licensure from an accrediting agency) are written by the Student Review Committee (SRC). Recommendation requests must be conveyed in writing to Academic Affairs at at least one month before the deadline listed by the conference or requesting agency. The coordinator for academic affairs (or, in their absence, the registrar) will refer the request to the chair of the SRC. The SRC will review the student’s records, including transcripts, field education reports, and faculty comments on the student performance. Evidence of financial irresponsibility in relation to the school may also be considered. If necessary, the committee may consult other members of the faculty, including the dean. On the basis of this review, a statement of evaluation will be written and sent to the parties indicated by the student.

Special permission petition

Student enrichment program (SEP) information

Thesis proposal

Thesis timeline and cover page

Withdraw from coursesuse Populi to drop courses during the first five weeks of fall or spring semester.

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