Annual Estimated Expenses for New International Students in Degree Programs

Included below are your annual estimated expenses for 2015-16.
  Academic Year Summer Total
Tuition/fees $16,095 $0 $16,095
Room and food $11,270 $4,310 $15,580
Books and supplies $2,260 $0 $2,260
Medical insurance and care $3,000 $0 $3,000
Other (household etc.) $11,032 $0 $11,032
Total $43,657 $4,310 $47,967


These estimates do not include travel to the United States.

* Costs can be expected to increase 5-10 percent each year. You should plan to provide additional resources for these increases.

** Summer attendance is not required.

*** Medical care in the United States is expensive. This estimate of medical insurance and care represents the cost of a moderate international graduate student insurance plan premium and average estimated expenses for medical care not covered by the plan.

Information for families

If you are bringing family members with you, you must also document the source of their financial support. We estimate living expenses for the spouse or other first dependent to be $5,110; for each additional dependent, $3,300 per year.

Total estimate of 12 months’ living expenses and tuition for first academic year

Student + One (family of 2): $53,077

Student + Two (family of 3): $56,377

Student + Three (family of 4): $59,677