Master of Divinity

In a complex and rapidly changing world, you’ll want an M.Div. degree tailored to your unique path.

As it always has, MTSO’s Master of Divinity program provides excellent preparation for parish ministry. Now, though, it offers unprecedented opportunities to discern the shape of your vocation and design your own custom curriculum. You’ll have the flexibility to pursue such goals as ordination, community ministry and doctoral studies. Whichever path you choose, you’ll develop the skills to understand, appreciate and interpret our Christian heritage so it becomes a compelling vision for the present and future.

MTSO offers courses both in person and online. While some courses are available exclusively online or exclusively in person, the vast majority are available in both modes, employing HyFlex education.

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M.Div. degree requirements

M.Div. degree audit

Note to those seeking United Methodist ordination

The Master of Divinity degree fulfills United Methodist requirements for ordination as elder or deacon.

In January 2023, the University Senate of the United Methodist Church approved a policy change to allow a student seeking United Methodist ordination to earn their Master of Divinity fully online. Previously, a student seeking United Methodist ordination was required to earn at least one-third of their seminary degree through campus-based courses. Learn more about fulfilling United Methodist ordination requirements here.

M.Div. course scheduling

Too many aspiring Christian leaders are torn by a difficult choice between a quality graduate program and a fast, affordable one. The Connections Pathway offers busy students MTSO’s unique combination of on-campus and online learning. M.Div. students on the Connections Pathway are typically in class only one day per week, earning their degree in as few as 33 months.

  1. M.Div. Connections Pathway Recommended Degree Completion Plans: General
  2. M.Div. Connections Pathway Recommended Degree Completion Plans: UMC Ordination

M.Div. specializations

Within the M.Div. program, we offer eight optional specializations around focal areas of modern ministry. Each specialization requires 12 semester hours of selected classes within the 86 hours required for the M.Div. degree.

Dual-degree information

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Talk with an admissions representative about MTSO and the M.Div. degree. Email or call 800-333-6876.