May 28, 2020

MTSO statement in the wake of the killing of George Floyd

In an age when heavily armed white men can enter a statehouse in Michigan unchecked, it is appalling to see police kill an unarmed black man in the street in Minnesota. As a seminary committed to antiracist work, MTSO deplores this season of racial terror, including the killing of George Floyd, as contrary to the teachings of Jesus.

We stand with those demanding justice and accountability, and we reaffirm our commitment to educate, act and pray for a world where all are safe and may thrive.

Methodist Theological School in Ohio provides theological education and leadership in pursuit of a just, sustainable and generative world. In addition to the Master of Divinity degree, the school offers master’s degrees in counseling, practical theology, social justice and theological studies, along with a Doctor of Ministry degree.


Danny Russell, communications director, 740-362-3322