Master’s Degree Programs

Our five master's degrees offer a wealth of options for ministry.

MTSO offers courses both in person and online. While some courses are available exclusively online or exclusively in person, the vast majority are available in both modes, employing HyFlex education.

Master of Divinity

MTSO’s most popular degree, the M.Div. prepares students for ordination.

Master of Arts in Practical Theology

This program prepares ethical religious educators and leaders who have a creative vision for the future.

Master of Arts in Social Justice

The MASJ degree equips graduates to lead, organize, educate and collaborate in diverse social, political, religious and educational contexts.

Master of Theological Studies

The MTS serves students preparing for doctoral studies or seeking a theological framework for their current vocations.

Fulfilling United Methodist requirements for ordination

The University Senate of the United Methodist Church requires that a student seeking United Methodist ordination must earn at least one-third of their seminary degree through campus-based courses. MTSO offers several options for fulfilling this requirement.

Dual-Degree Programs

We offer the opportunity to pursue two master's degrees at once, combining any two of our programs.