Master of Theological Studies

There are a variety of reasons to pursue the Master of Theological Studies degree.

You might be preparing for doctoral study, or you might want to develop theological perspectives relevant to your current vocation.

The 56-credit-hour MTS program provides a broad foundation in the basic theological disciplines: Bible, Church History, Theology and Ethics. You will choose one area of concentration, achieving sufficient depth to read, discuss, research and write about its literature with understanding. The available concentrations are Bible, Ethics, History and Theology.

MTS graduates have an appreciation for the evolution of the Christian tradition and understand the distinctive character of theological study—its methods, its traditions and current proposals for its reinterpretation.

MTSO offers courses both in person and online. While some courses are available exclusively online or exclusively in person, the vast majority are available in both modes, employing HyFlex education.

Talk with an admissions counselor about MTSO and the MTS degree. Email or call 800-333-6876.

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