Welcome, visiting students

We look forward to your participation in MTSO's learning community.

Are you pursuing a graduate degree at another institution accredited by the Association of Theological Students and looking to incorporate a course at MTSO into your studies? Visiting students (also known as transient, occasional, or non-degree students) are welcome at MTSO. Please enter your information into the brief application below. On the second part of the application, provide the email address of your home institution's registrar or dean so that they may verify you are a current degree student in good standing.

For current students in good standing at Claremont School of Theology, Payne Theological Seminary, and Trinity Lutheran Seminary, your tuition and fees for any MTSO cross-registration courses will be charged through your home institution (and therefore you would be eligible for financial aid from your home institutions).

For students from any other institutions, please be sure to consult with your institution's Financial Aid Office before requesting visiting student status because scholarships and financial aid from your home institution typically do not cover courses taken at other institutions (so you would be responsible for paying tuition and fees directly to MTSO).

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Questions about your application documents? Contact us at or 800-333-6876.

This is part one of a two-part online application process. An admissions counselor will be in touch with you within one week after receiving your application.