How do I sign up for MTSO Alert?

Visit the sign-up page and follow the instructions. Be sure to have your mobile phone when you sign up, as you will be sent one initial text message with a confirmation number.

May I choose more than one way to be notified?

Yes. There are three ways to be notified: SMS text messaging to your mobile phone, voice messaging to any phone number, and email. You may choose up to two numbers or addresses for each of these three methods.

When will I get an MTSO Alert message?

Alerts will be sent only when there is a critical need to transmit urgent information to the campus community. The most likely use will be to inform you that campus has closed or reopened following severe weather. This should be of particular value to students who drive to campus from out of town each week. MTSO Alert will also be available for other campus emergencies.

Will my MTSO Alert contact info be used for non-urgent messages or shared with a third party?

No. Neither MTSO nor our vendor Omnilert will share your information with any outside parties. You won't receive advertising or any non-urgent messages as a result of the contact info you provide when you sign up.

What does MTSO Alert cost me?

This service is provided free by the school. However, text messages or calls you receive are subject to whatever rates your own phone service provider might charge.

May my family sign up for MTSO Alert?

Because we have a limited number of available accounts, MTSO Alert isn't designed to handle non-campus accounts. However, if you want to use one or more of the contact options available within your personal account for a partner or family member, that's fine.

What if I need to change my contact information?

You may visit the main MTSO Alert page and log back in at any time to update your information. (Be sure you hold on to your username and password.)

Where should I direct other questions?

If your question isn't answered by this document, please contact Communications Director Danny Russell or Information Technology Director Matthew Rehm.