MTSO Technology Requirements

Observing these tech requirements and guidelines will help ensure that you have an optimal experience using the educational technology provided at MTSO.


Office 2013 or newer

Windows 10 or newer

Internet Explorer 11 or newer and/or Google Chrome

PDF reader (Adobe or foxit, both are free)

Intel i3 or better processor, with a minimum of 4GB RAM (8 GB recommended)

Graphics card and monitor capable of 1024x768 display

Stereo sound card, speakers and/or headset, microphone (A webcam is not required but is recommended)


Office 2011 for Mac

Mac OS X  10.11.5 (El Capitan) and higher is supported for most online course materials, but there may be applications that require a supported Windows Operating System. You should be prepared to run a virtual machine environment such as Parallels desktop, vmWare fusion, Oracle VirtualBox with an installed and supported Windows Operating System (as mentioned above) if you elect to use a Mac.

Apple Safari and/or Google Chrome

PDF reader (Adobe or foxit, both are free)

Internet access

Internet access is required to participate in online components of your courses at MTSO. 

Broadband: (LAN, Cable, or DSL) connection is highly recommended for optimal student experience.  We Recommend having Internet broadband in your home with a minimum of 1.5MB/sec. 

Many public Internet access sites (public library/café/coffee house) offer an imperfect access solution—with limited hours, long wait times, lack of privacy and content, limited bandwidth, and time/usage restrictions.