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Faculty Directory

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Administrative Directory

Valerie Bridgeman
Associate Professor of Homiletics and Hebrew Bible
Judith Craig
Visiting Professor of Church Leadership
Bishop in Residence
Jeffrey Jaynes
Professor of Church History
John Kampen
Professor of Biblical Interpretation
Paul Kim
Professor of Hebrew Bible
Sarah Heaner Lancaster
Professor of Theology
Denise Y. Lewis
Assistant Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling
Randy Litchfield
Professor of Christian Education
Director of Assessment
Diane Lobody
Professor of Church History
D.Min. Director
Linda Mercadante
Professor of Theology
Paul Numrich
Professor of Religion and Interreligious Relations
M. Fulgence Nyengele
Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling
MACM Director
Joon-Sik Park
Professor in the E. Stanley Jones Chair of World Evangelism
Bradford Price
Fully Affiliated Faculty
Pastoral Care
Jay Rundell
Ryan Schellenberg
Assistant Professor of New Testament
Mark Kelly Tyler
Fully Affiliated Faculty
Homiletics and African-American Studies
Timothy L. Van Meter
Associate Professor of Christian Education and Youth Ministry
Robin Knowles Wallace
Professor of Worship and Music
Lisa Withrow
Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Professor of Christian Leadership
Jeff Woods
Fully Affiliated Faculty
Congregational Studies
Yvonne Zimmerman
Associate Professor of Christian Ethics