Master of Divinity

Ecology and Justice Specialization

Out of love and respect for future generations, religious leaders need to provide those they serve with a theological framework for resisting greed, gluttony and the destruction of resources. This specialization equips students to lead others in developing economic, political, social and technological lifestyles for a more ecologically equitable and sustainable world, leading to a higher quality of life for all of God's creation.


12 credit hours from the following list of courses and an integrative paper or project. (Students may not use PT610 or PT615 for both the required M.Div. spirituality course and the specialization.)

CE620 Resisting Biocide: Environmental Justice Ethics

CE661 Christian Social Ethics

CE/CT/PT752 Ecofeminist Theologies of Liberation

CH642 Christianity and Social Issues in the U.S.A.

CH736 Julian of Norwich

CH750 Wesley and Society

CH767 The Social Gospel Movement

CT/CE751 Ecotheology and Global Ethics

ED640 Ecological Religious Education

HB715 Genesis

HB781 Gender, Race, and Ecology in the Hebrew Bible

HM730 Community Organizing and Preaching: Power, Action, and Justice

LS675 Leading Transformational Change

PT540 Doing our Own Work

PT600 Food, Land, and Faith Formation

PT601 Field Theology: Water and Watersheds

PT606 A Deeper Shade of Green: Black Eco-Theology and Ethics

PT605 Practical Theology and Ecology

PT610 Spiritual Formation and Social Change

PT615 Prophetic Hope and Creative Practice

PT/WO620 Worship, Ecology, and Social Justice

PT/SR635 Celtic Spirituality

PT640 Knowing Where We Dwell


Tim Van Meter


A note about dual degrees and specializations: There are some limitations to overlapping requirements between M.Div. specializations and dual degree requirements. For example, in the dual M.Div./MAPT degree, students cannot use the M.Div. required Spirituality course in a MAPT specialization as well.

Also, dual degree students cannot combine certain specializations because of the overlap. For example, in the M.Div. program a student may have a Spirituality specialization, but if that student is also seeking a MAPT degree, the student may not specialize in Spiritual Formation and Small Group Ministry. Please contact the registrar for more details.