Master of Divinity

Interreligious Contexts Specialization

We live in an increasingly multi-religious country. Our diversity requires leaders who promote positive religious interaction while maintaining the integrity of their own faith traditions. This specialization will equip students to provide leadership in congregational and community settings, with a particular focus on interaction with the broader religious population.


An integrative project or paper (normally completed in conjunction with the final course for the specialization) is required. Required field education experience should include some aspect of leadership work in an interreligious setting. Moreover, your cross-cultural immersion trip should give special attention to exposure to another religious context. Assignments submitted need to also give evidence of engagement with multi-religious issues. The specialization requires completion of four pertinent courses from the list below, selected in consultation with the specialization coordinator and their faculty advisor.

Please note: If a 500-level SR course is chosen, it cannot also be used to meet the M.Div. foundational requirement in the study of religions.

  • CE/SR-680: Religion and Society
  • CH/SR-740: Holocaust Roots, Realities and Ramifications
  • CH-750: Wesley and Society
  • CT/SR-733: The Nones: Spirituality and Belief Beyond Religion
  • ED-675: Educating for Peace and Justice
  • HB/NT-641: Dead Sea Scrolls
  • HB/NT/SR-645: Introduction to Rabbinic Literature
  • ME-580: The Mission of Church in a Multicultural Society
  • NT/SR-630: Gender in Ancient Religion
  • NT/SR-736: Paul, Jews and Gentiles
  • PC-711: Multicultural Perspectives and Issues in Pastoral Counseling
  • PT/SR-635: Celtic Spirituality
  • SR-511: Interreligious Relations
  • SR-550: Introduction to World Religions
  • SR-553: Multi-Religious America
  • SR-652: Christian-Muslim Relations
  • SR/CE-654: Comparative Study of Religious Ethics
  • SR-655: Abrahamic Faiths
  • SR-657: Perspectives on Buddhism
  • SR-658: Perspectives on Islam


Paul Numrich