Master of Divinity

Spirituality Specialization

This specialization will prepare students to provide more informed spiritual leadership and a more nuanced approach to the care of souls in their place of ministry. They will examine in depth the lived experience of belief, with specific attention to the exploration of spiritual teachings and devotional practices as they are understood and practiced in diverse cultural communities and historical contexts.


12 credit hours from the following list of courses and an integrative paper or project:
(Students may not use ME-530, PT-550, or PT-610 for both the specialization and the required M.Div. spirituality course.)

Required for all students:

CH-629: History of Christian Spirituality

One of the following:

CH/WO-612: History of Christian Worship

CH-645: Spiritual Autobiography in the Wesleyan Tradition

CH-736: Julian of Norwich

CT/SR-733: The Nones: Spirituality and Belief Beyond Religion

HB-760: Psalms

One of the following:

ED-615: Ministry with Young Adults: Intimacy, Vocation and Community

HM-765: Auto/biographies for Preaching

PC-613: Theories of Development of the Self and the Life-Cycle

PT-610: Spiritual Formation and Social Change

PT-615: Prophetic Hope and Creative Practice

PT/SR-635: Celtic Spirituality

PT/CH-755: Howard Thurman

WO-575: African-American Christian Worship

One of the following:

HM-725: Spirituality as a Foundation for Preaching

ME-530: Spirituality for Ministry

PC-756: Spiritual Dimensions of Illness and Recovery PLUS PC-772: Integrating Spirituality and Pastoral Care

PT-550: Spirituality

WO-600: Liturgical Prayer PLUS WO-525 Congregational Song

WO-625: Sacraments of Initiation and Eucharist


Jeff Jaynes


A note about dual degrees and specializations: There are some limitations to overlapping requirements between M.Div. specializations and dual degree requirements. For example, in the dual M.Div./MAPT degree, students cannot use the M.Div. required Spirituality course in a MAPT specialization as well.

Also, dual degree students cannot combine certain specializations because of the overlap. For example, in the M.Div. program a student may have a Spirituality specialization, but if that student is also seeking a MAPT degree, the student may not specialize in Spiritual Formation and Small Group Ministry. Please contact the registrar for more details.