Anti-Racism Task Force

The Anti-Racism Task Force seeks to be a practical, supportive body for students, staff and faculty that upholds MTSO’s commitment to being an anti-racist multicultural institution.

We live out this mission as a group by focusing our attention on the four following goals:

  • Understanding the role of racism in our classrooms, our curricula and campus life.
  • Enhancing the school’s capacity (skills and resources) for candid and challenging, yet respectful dialogue and action addressing racial equality and justice within our community and the larger society.
  • Creating opportunities for awareness of the multiple dimensions of racism, social power, and faith as a factor for reconciliation and redemption in social relationships.
  • Developing strategies for becoming an anti-racist multicultural school.

Task force members

The Anti-Racism Task Force includes students, staff and faculty.

  • Austen-Monet McClendon, student
  • Elizabeth Speidel, student
  • Gwen Thomas, student
  • Phil Yoder, student
  • Tejai Beulah, coordinator of partnerships and Black Church and African Diaspora Studies Specialization
  • Kathy Dickson, director of vocational discernment
  • Benjamin Hall, director of enrollment management
  • Kris Lo Frumento, director of student services
  • Trad Noguiera-Godsey, writing instructor
  • Mark Reed, assistant director of admissions
  • Valerie Bridgeman, dean and vice president for academic affairs
  • Elaine Noguiera-Godsey, assistant professor of theology, ecology and race
  • Ryan Schellenberg, associate professor of New Testament