Cross-Cultural Immersion

Our students get a rare opportunity to live within another culture.

Twice each year, MTSO groups depart for faculty-led cross-cultural immersion trips of roughly two weeks. Recent destinations include South Africa, Cuba, India, Israel/Palestine and Korea.

This experience, which is available to all students and a requirement for those seeking a Master of Divinity degree, is not a mission trip. It’s an opportunity to truly experience, rather than attempt to impact, a culture different from one’s own.

Emily Howard (M.Div. '18) looks back on her trip the Desert Southwest in June 2016.

Anthony Thomas (M.Div. '18) offers a theological on his trip to Korea in the summer of 2016.

Abigail Salak (M.Div./MACM '14) reflects on her trip to Israel/Palestine in June 2012.

Deborah Caulk (M.Div. '14) reflects on her trip to India in December 2011.

Cross-Cultural Immersion Handbook

What makes MTSO's cross-cultural immersion program unique?

Upcoming Cross-Cultural Trips

January Term 2020: U.S./ Mexico border, led by Jeff Jaynes

Summer Term 2020: Japan and Korea, led by Paul Kim and Paul Numrich

January Term 2021: South Africa, led by Elaine Nogueira-Godsey

Potential Cross-Cultural Trips Rotation

Summer Term 2021: TBD (perhaps none)

January Term 2022: None

Summer Term 2022: Israel and Palestine

January Term 2023: Small Domestic Trip TBD

Summer Term 2023: Japan and Korea

January Term 2024: South Africa

Summer Term 2024: TBD (perhaps none)

January Term 2025: None