Schooler Institute on Preaching

Focused on the power of the pulpit

The MTSO campus fills annually with religious leaders who come to enrich their understanding and enhance their preaching skills at the Schooler Institute on Preaching. The institute was established in 1989 by a generous grant from the Schooler Family Foundation, in recognition of the importance of effective preaching in the life of the church.

Schooler is led by renowned preachers who share their expertise and insights. In addition to lectures, the institute features workshops around the institute theme, dialogue with the leader, and chapel services featuring preaching by the leader.

Past Schooler Institute leaders include Fred Craddock, James Forbes, Edwina Hunter, Leontine Kelly, Donald English, Walter Brueggemann, Peter Gomes, Tex Sample, William Sloane Coffin, Peter Storey, Joseph Roberts, Ruth Duck, Philip Wogaman, Zan Holmes, Cecil Williams, William Willimon, Marjorie Suchocki, Thomas Troeger, John Kinney, Sharon Ringe, Dale Andrews, Gregory Palmer, Mark Kelly Tyler, Timothy Eberhart, Valerie Bridgeman, Jorge Lockward, Mike Graves, Wil Gafney, O. Wesley Allen Jr. and Luke Powery.

Continuing education unit credit is offered for those who attend the institute.

You'll find video and materials from past Schooler Institute on Preaching events in our events archive.