Student Enrichment Program

This innovative program allows students to write their own tickets.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Walter and Marian English Foundation, the Student Enrichment Program makes funding available for student pursuits beyond the MTSO campus. Grants are awarded throughout the year for scholarly and professional conferences, social-action endeavors, and service initiatives.

Students have traveled nationally and internationally through SEP, enriching the campus with the wisdom they bring home.

All students whose applications are approved for funding must share the process and outcomes of their enrichment projects with the MTSO community. Students may choose from one of two options for sharing their projects:

  • Option 1: Write a blog post (or, for multi-day projects, set of blogs posts) describing your experiences and reflecting on them. Blog posts will be shared on Populi and posted on the MTSO Student Facebook page. Details: Students must write a minimum of one post per day during their enrichment experience (training, conference, trip, etc.), ranging from 200 to 500 words per post. Pictures, when appropriate, are a plus.

Here is a blog post by students Elizabeth Miller and Bonnie Massey about their SEP-funded trip to the highly respected Fund Raising School at IUPUI in Indianapolis, where they took the course Fundraising from Foundations and Grant Management.

This blog post by student Melissa Greenleaf Flinn offers reflection and videos from her SEP-funded attendance at the 50th Anniversary Conference of the Center for Process Studies in Claremont, California.

  • Option 2: Participate in a public, SEP committee-moderated round table discussion with other SEP grant recipients about your experiences.

SEP guidelines

SEP application